Welcome to Beacon Foundations, the specialist FOR providing foundation solutions in DORSET and the surrounding counties.

With over forty years in the construction industry, we believe our record for providing foundation solutions in is unrivalled.  Our experience includes new housing developments, extensions and alterations to domestic properties, and a wide range of commercial and industrial premises.  We also perform remedial work on behalf of insurance companies, the most common type being underpinning in cases of subsidence.  The foundation solutions techniques we employ include the following:


Piling is a technique which can be used for anything from a large new build to creating a new basement under a domestic property.  There is great scope for using piling as a remedial foundation solution in cases of subsidence or heave.  We can design and install piles of up to 450mm, our design team will provide design and calculations to suit your ground conditions.

Mini Piling

Mini piling is a similar but smaller-scale foundation solution, using n MINI PILE SYSTEM.  Mini piles are relatively inexpensive and light in weight but are still able to support substantial loads.  One of the most significant advantages of mini piling is that it can be inserted in situations with limited space.  This makes it suitable for building alterations, and underpinning work when there is limited access. There is also the benefit of less cart away material.

Using the latest low noise and vibration equipment, we aim to offer a complete range of foundation solutions.

Alternative Foundations

Beacon Foundations can design and install reinforced raft foundations. Above ground ring beams to suit root protection requirements. Design to enable piling over main drains and other solutions.